Saturday, June 06, 2009

Promo Swap! Anyone interested?

Hey guys, Spitfire Interiors and I just had a ton of postcard printed up and our goal is to hand them all out by the end of the summer! I send out a lot of card with orders (and hand them out at shows) and I would like to include your business cards or postcards with my orders too, In turn I will send you my postcards so you can send them out with your orders.

If you are interested please email me so we can swap postcards/business cards and addresses!

My shop is more on the punk, rockabilly, cutesy, kitschy side, so I am mostly looking to swap with shops that are similar (it will work out better for both of us), if this sounds like your shop please drop me a line so we can swap!!

Btw, your shop doesn't have to be just jewelry, I'm looking to swap with t-shirt companies, artists, crafters, makers, etsy shops, etc.

Thanks!! -Laura Stokes-Estrada

P.S. Here is what our postcard looks like (double sided, front and back)...

A sample of one of our past promo packs! Send in your stuff so you can be included!...

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