Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Etsy Roulette-Week #2

The rules are simple:

1. Go to
2. Come up with a word. 'Mustache', 'Boxer', 'Dracula', etc., now enter it in the search box.
3. Click and see what comes up.
4. Look at *Everything* that comes up under that word.
5. Choose your favs and post them in your blog (give credit to Charcoal Designs for 'etsy roulette' in your blog too if you please)!
6. Yeah, it's a gamble but that's how I like it!

Etsy Favs From Week #2 "Camera":


$16.00 Fluffington

$18 Camera Case by Librarian Barbarian

Better Wait Until Payday:
$110 Lamps Reborn

I've got enough in my Paypal for that:
$1.25 Loverly Ink

Love At First Sight:
$13.80 Plushism

Tune in again next week as I shall spin the (etsy) roulette wheel again!

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Anonymous said...

nice blog isnt it?

berto xxx