Friday, February 27, 2009

My quest for cool KISS stuff continues...

Wow...check this out!

Available at:

The KISS one costs about $9.99 on the Hasbro site (they even have a DEVO toothbrush too!) but if you're lucky you can find some other cool ones at the .99 cent store like my awesome new Indiana Jones one! That's right, my Indy toothbrush was only .99 cents!

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Artist Spotlight: John Miner

I have admired John Miner's amazing silk screened gig posters for a long time and recently got a chance to do a short interview with the artist (it's astonishing what you will find out just by asking), this is what developed...

Q: How did you get your start as an artist?
A: I started creating gig posters for Tongue, a hard-core punk band fronted by Elizabeth McGrath, (now of Miss Derringer) in 1995.

Q: Did you go to art school or are you self taught?
A: I never had any formal training as an artist, but I learned to screen print at Pasadena City College, where I now teach screen printing. I learned about art by working as a master printer at Modern Multiples print studio, where I pulled prints for many different artists.

Q: Why silk screening?
A: I started printing in high school and found it was some thing I liked and thought it was some thing I could do rather than working at the mall. My first paid print job was a one color funeral t-shirt for the E.M.F cholo gang and I was so happy that some one paid me for some thing I loved to do.

Q: Do you silk screen full time?
A: When I am not printing, I am designing or teaching people how to print at PCC or teaching private workshops.

Q: If you weren't an artist what would you see yourself doing for a living?
A: I have been a salesman from time to time, and have done merchandising for bands as well.

Q: What art medium would you like to learn/practice but haven't had the time/money to do.
A: I would like do a film, make a trashy movie with little or no redeeming social value.

Q: Who are your favorite artists?
A: Edward Colver, Jon Van Hammersveld and Gee Vaucher

To view more of John E Miner's posters you can visit him at GigPosters.Com!