Friday, June 26, 2009

Hand Embroidered Michael Jackson!

I have been making Rock With You and I Love Michael Jackson iPod cases since 2004-2005. I will reissue these soon to fit the iPhone (current and new models), can't wait, now is such a great time! RIP The King Of Pop!

This was my first press ever! So jazzed because Lucky Magazine is one of my all time favorite publications!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

DIY 'Converter Box'

Why spend time waiting for your converter box to arrive when you can still watch your favorite t.v. personalities without all the wires and waiting. Measure your screen, print out an appropriate sized newscaster, sports star or whatever and stick it on your boob tube with double sided tape! I chose Mia Lee, a popular Los Angeles area newscaster, as this was the sensible choice.

If you decide to make one, take a picture of your boob tube celebrity and send it to me at info[at]charcoaldesigns[dot]com!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lakers Fever!

Cheech and Chong came out with Basketball Jones back in the 70's, a skit about a kid who jonesed for playing basketball, now we call it Laker Fever!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Let's start summer off right, with new jewelry and artwork from Charcoal Designs! Keepin' it cute and crafty since 2004!

Now is a great time to buy, enjoy FREE shipping for 24 Hours...Free shipping lasts from Midnight Sunday June 14th to Midnight Monday June 15th Only! This offer ends TONIGHT!

More good news: This offer is valid on ANY purchase amount, domestic and international orders too!

The Mummy Art Plaque (One Of A Kind) $40.00

Wolfman Art Plaque (One Of A Kind) $40.00

'Lady Sings The Blues' Gardenia Hair Clips $10 each

Swallow 'Wings Of Love' Necklace (w/hand beaded glass chain) $24.99

'Wolfblood' Necklace in White $24.00

'Love Kills' Necklace $22.49

Rubiks Cube Necklace $10.00

'Perch & Destroy' Necklace $18.00

Marie Antoinette Coffin Plaque (One Of A kind) $50.00

All This & Much Much More! Shop Now! WWW.CHARCOALDESIGNS.COM!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Etsy Roulette-Sweet Meat

Etsy roulette is something I do for fun, I choose a's it just so happens to be 'Sweet Meat', type it into the search box on Etsy and see what comes are my fav's for Sweet Meat!

Breakfast Favs as Vegan Soaps By Dirty Ass Soaps!

'Gorgeous Hunk Of Meat' Print by Maybe You Should Die!

And 'Pork Is Nice Sweet Meat' Print by Spread The Love!

If you play 'Etsy Roulette' too, drop me a line with your favs!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Owl Pincushion Winner Is...

The winning name is HOOTERS!

Thank you everyone who entered! It was so hard to decide on a winner because the entries were all so good! In the end I decided to go for a name that was short, precise and can be taken out of context, which I love!

Close runners up were *even an owl needs a day job , *how many pricks, and *owl that hurts, well really the list goes on and on, they were all brilliant! Thanks again everyone, until we meet again at the next contest!

Check out my Flickr page to view all the entries! Thanks for playing Tamara! Check out her Etsy shop for some amazing (+ super creative!) faux bois jewelry!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Owl Pincushion Contest!

Owl Pincushion Contest! Name that product!

CONTEST: Help me come up with a cute, kitschy, campy, clever name for this new product and you could win one owl of your choice! A winner will be chosen on Friday around 3pm, the winner will get to choose whichever owl they like best (either the lavender, white or pink owl). Only one winner will be chosen, so please come up with a great name for these owls!


Come up with a clever name for these owl pincushions...

1. One entry per person
2. Leave a message on my Flickr page or leave a comment (below) to enter.
3. Deadline is this Friday June 12th, 2009 3pm.
4. Friends and family can vote too!


Sunday, June 07, 2009

BooDrivers Now Available!

BooDrivers, the original monster head screwdrivers, now available at Charcoal Designs! Available in Red, Green or Purple. Custom colors by request.

So Ugly, They'e Cute!

I came across these shoes via a twitter update from my pal Jennifer Perkins (of Naughty Secretary Club). There are many different designs on the same style shoes to choose from (sort of like Lesportsac bags), but I think these are my favs...

Frozen S**thole by Nikibi

Check out the other artist rendered shoes at The String Republic

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Promo Swap! Anyone interested?

Hey guys, Spitfire Interiors and I just had a ton of postcard printed up and our goal is to hand them all out by the end of the summer! I send out a lot of card with orders (and hand them out at shows) and I would like to include your business cards or postcards with my orders too, In turn I will send you my postcards so you can send them out with your orders.

If you are interested please email me so we can swap postcards/business cards and addresses!

My shop is more on the punk, rockabilly, cutesy, kitschy side, so I am mostly looking to swap with shops that are similar (it will work out better for both of us), if this sounds like your shop please drop me a line so we can swap!!

Btw, your shop doesn't have to be just jewelry, I'm looking to swap with t-shirt companies, artists, crafters, makers, etsy shops, etc.

Thanks!! -Laura Stokes-Estrada

P.S. Here is what our postcard looks like (double sided, front and back)...

A sample of one of our past promo packs! Send in your stuff so you can be included!...