Monday, June 30, 2008

Making Fiends...On Nickelodeon!

Good News, Nickelodeon is introducing a new show called 'Making Fiends', Since I'm already a fan of Nick shows including Jimmy Neutron, Yo Gabba Gabba (Nick Jr.), The Mighty B and iCarly (hello, she has her own web show that she and her friends promote!), I know this show is gonna' rock too! The best news is that my long time friend Ego Plum of the Ebola Music Orchestra is going to compose the music for it!! Oh happy day!

I haven't found any news about it on but you can get a bit of info. here at: Ebola Music!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ironic Arts

We've all heard of the ironic t-shirt but there's something about this ironic art that I love. I have been to Amsterdam (luckily twice in my lifetime!) and have escaped there Delft Free, if only them made 'em like Charles Krafft does!

Charles Krafft's Disasterware: God Bless Our God

King Of Kitsch


Crucified Mickey

Machine Gun Round

Martha Steward Prison Plate

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Etsy-Russian Roulette Week #1

There's a game I like to play on Etsy that I like to call 'Russian Roulette', basically you search for a certain 'hobo' or 'wicker' and see what pops up! Yesterday I was flippin' for 'Tentacles' and woo did I find some doozies!

The winner of the following categories is:



Insane In The Membrane (Crazyness but I love it):


Budget Breaker:


Budget Buddy:

Made by Voz Perkins, $2.50






Wanna' play Etsy Russian Roulette? Found something I might like to feature next week?, please comment and let me know!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clever Bag Lady

I totally need this bag to go with my sweater that has holes cut out where the thumbs would go. Seriously, I don't have one of those (when we were younger we'd have to cut our own holes now they have sweaters with them stitched in, la de da) but if I did this would go perfectly with it!

By: Broth giuggiole hand-made accessories /

As seen on:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sparkle Cameos!

Today I battled the heat in my studio to create some new sparklerific cameos! I might use them for religious praying hand necklaces or maybe something else, the options are long as whatever I pick fits in a 18X13mm space!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photoshop Brush Fun

So ever since I learned how to create brushes in photoshop I've been hooked! As of late I discovered some awesome *FREE* photoshop brush downloads on Just search for 'spider brushes', 'grunge brushes' etc. and they will pop up! Most artists ask that you link back to their D.A. page for credit (especially if you use the brushes for things you are gonna' sell) but some don't, it differs from artist to artist so read up before you download and/or use these brushes.

If you aren't familiar with brushes but do use photoshop here's a quick run down (p.s. I am using photoshop version 7):

1. Open up photoshop, find an image that you like (drawings and thick lined images work best, or images with the background cut out)
2. Edit your pic. (cut out background if necessary)
3. Click on 'Edit> Define Brush Preset'. Note: If your image is too big then 'define brush preset' will be ghosted, make your image smaller and try again.
4. When the 'Brush Name' option comes up (see photo #1) click on 'OK'
5. That's it! Now click on your brush icon (from the photoshop palette) and scroll all the way to the bottom, there's your new brush!

Note: When downloading brushes from a site like DeviantART you must first click on 'download' from the DeviantArtist's page, then while in photoshop click on your brush tool then click on your brush options. From there you will need to click on the arrow on the top right and scroll down and click on 'load brushes', (browse through your hard drive and) scroll to your recently downloaded brushes and click on the correct file (the file you just downloaded from DeviantArt) then click 'load'. Now your brushes will automatically be loaded into your brush palette! It's that easy!

A brush sort of acts like a rubber stamp of sorts and the great thing about brushes is once you've created it there's no backgrounds to cut out and you can choose whatever color you want your 'stamp' to be. Brush away!

I used some of my brush downloads today to create some images to use for mini pins I'm gonna' hand out at shows (for free) this summer. Cute Promos! Woo Hoo! Aside from the donkey (I created this brush myself) the cute 60's style chicks are all from punksafetypin at

Brush Set 18 - That 70s Girls by ~punksafetypin on deviantART

Reliving the Past With Netflix by my side!

O.K. I was and still am so I'm sort of a couch potato! But I gotta tell you, shows like Nickelodeon's Pete & Pete and Comedy Centrals: Kids In The Hall, got me through the tough teenage years of my life. Knowing that there were people out there with looney ideas like mine, ironically kept me sane.

I have been looking for old Pete and Pete episodes for the last couple of years and I'm glad to see that Netflix finally has them! My guy and I have finished season one and just started season two, personally my favorite episodes were from the first season but season two rocks as well. With cameos from Steve Buscemi, Bebe Neuwerth (Frasier, Summer of Sam), Debbie Harry, Toby Huss (King of the hill, Carnivale, Reno 911) Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy's little sis) and more, you can't go wrong!!