Friday, March 06, 2009

My new artwork and it's connection to Octomom!

The completion process of new art I have been working on for the past few days. Well actually I have been working on perfecting the resin frames for a few weeks now and I just made a new mold that has less 'bubbles', yes a resin casting nightmare! Anyway I'm happy with the new results and very happy with the color combos, images, resin banners, etc! Yay for resin, yay for photoshop!

Just a note: none of these are finished yet, I'm just super excited about the way they are turning out and wanted to share the completion process with my viewers!

Some will end up in the shop at and some will be sold at the Pink Parlour show at the Santa Anita Race Tracks on March 22nd and yet others will make their way to Spitfire Interiors in Whittier, CA...yes, Whittier is home to Octomom!

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