Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make Your Own 'Geico' Funny Money

Learn how to make your own 'Geico Ad' funny money! This punk version is a gag gift for my friend's birthday coming up. It's really inexpensive to make and really easy too, I have included some things to print out so you don't have to design anything yourself in photoshop (unless you want to).


*Rectangular paper pad (or cut your own 'money' shaped pieces)
*Faux Money Print Out (money band(s) and $5.00 bill image I've included in this post)
*Large googly eyes (available at Michael's and other craft shops for around 96 cents)
*Double sided tape
*5-6" piece of wire (either from a coat hanger or a long twist tie).
*Pliers (if you are going to use a thick wire)

1. Print out the image attachment I have included (below), then cut the pieces out. You may need to edit the size of the $5.00 in photoshop if you are using your own rectangular paper pad or you can cut a stack of papers to fit the same exact size of the $5.00 image on the print out, which is approximately 6 1/8" X 2 5/8".

(Click on image to enlarge it before printing)

2. Place your $5.00 cut-out over the stack of papers, then tightly wrap the blue money band around the stack and secure it with a hidden piece of double sided tape.

3. Take your wire piece and manipulate it into a bicycle handle bar shape, the spiral shape on top gives the glue and eyes something to grab onto and the bend at the bottom will keep the whole thing from toppling over. Carefully slip it under the money band (you don't want to tear the band). Glue your eyeballs on, I used plain tacky glue (the kind that comes in the brown bottle) because the eyes are light weight an don't need a heavy duty glue.

4. For the last step you can put a funny note like 'this is the money you could be saving at ____ (said store)', etc. Then place it on a shelf in your shop, hide it in your boyfriends sock drawer, or place it on a street corner and see how many people try to steal it!


Talking Horses Arts said...

Hi there, this is such a cool idea! have to try it!Thanks so much for sharing!

Laura Stokes-Estrada said...

Thanks Andrea! :D