Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh Thank Heaven...

...for 711! Today is officially Slurpee day! My friend Jessica of Kustom Voodoo messaged me today to tell me about the free slurpees at 711! 'cept my lazy butt got up too late and missed the free 7am-11am slurpee rush!! I'm bummed but happy too because I found this very funny, very cool (get it, cool!) site dedicated to the tastiest frosty treat around! At MySlurpeeCup.Com you can find bullet pointed (who doesn't love bullet points?) facts about 711, Slurpee Addiction (are you an addict?), Brainfreeze symptoms and more!

Some of my fav. addiction symptoms include:

• You cry if the 7-Eleven gets robbed, and calm yourself down with another Slurpee

• Your tongue is stained the color of your favourite Slurpee flavour

• You deliberately take your time while drawing your Slurpee from the machine and wander around a bit before going to the till, in order to "defrost" before heading back into the cold.

• You know when the "rush hours" are, and (thus) when to go for a Slurpee in order to guarantee the best possible consistencies.

• If you don't arrive at your usual 7-11 store as you usually do, they ask what happened to you the next time that you go there.

• You know when the month has changed only when you notice that the "flavor of the month" has been changed.

• You do favors for others only because you've been promised a Slurpee reward.

• You find yourself lecturing others on Slurpee Etiquette, the importance of Consistencies, and the best 7-Eleven’s around town.

• It's not uncommon for you to phone them up and ask what Slurpee flavours they have and what the consistencies are like. (That is, if you haven't been there yet that day)

• When your sister wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks if you want to come to the 7-Eleven with her, you only hesitation is whether or not you should wear a jacket.

• You dedicate a website to Slurpees.

haha. I love these, there's even some reader submitted 'addiction' symptoms that are equally as lol-able! Oddly enough, I'm craving a slurpee just about now.

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