Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sailor Jerry's Jello Shooters

1.) 1 package of sugar free jello

2.) add 1 cup boiling water

3.) *stir*

4.) add 1/2 cup rum or whatevah and then 1/2 cup cold water. You can add more rum or liquor if you'd like and add less cold water (as long as everything equals one cup).

basically you are just substituting the 'cold' water on the package for liquor.

note: all I had was paper cups but these work much better in small plastic ones, or grab a spoon!


Audiogirl said...

I love this. Great bowl!! If i don't soon, please remind me to link you...

Charcoal Designs said...

thanks! that's my everything bowl! works great for salads, jello, etc. I'm always afraid to use my vintage Bauer bowls (already chipped one) so this bowl is my backup cute bowl! :D